Vegetable netting


Like many high value crops, berry production is very sensitive to environmental conditions and carries a high degree of risk. Producers all over the world are constantly looking for ways to reduce environmental impact of berry production and responding to the growing markets needs and selective demands of consumers.

Vegetable netting


Extreme weather conditions like early and late frost, high insolation and temperatures, hail, summer rain, wind and other factors outside of growers control, terribly affects yield and fruit quality with respect to damages, shelf life and nutritional value.

In addition, number of diseases and pests in berry production is increasing and available tools to fight those challenges are not increasing in same rate, especially if we consider that world market today demand reduced use of pesticides.

To respond to the growing challenges of berry producers, the Shadeport Systems  team developed several innovative

shadeports of the ranges and others in order to ensure profitable production reduce environmental impact and optimize the quality of small fruits.

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Vegetable netting
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