Shade Netting Systems to Protect Your Valuable Assets

Sun exposure can damage your car over time. Eventually, the vehicle’s paint will gradually start to fade and chip, and the seats also start to show signs of sun exposure. The vehicle can also become quite hot, which can burn your hands every time you open the door or touch the steering wheel. Our shade netting systems for cars are specifically designed and manufactured to protect your valuable assets against the sun, wind, and hail.

Though not as intense as hail, the damage caused by UV rays is often not visible until it is too late. Fading, chipping, and cracking are among the effects of extended sun exposure. By installing one of the shade netting systems for cars, you thus invest in the resale value of your vehicle.

The burning heat experienced as you get into a car is the result of heat build-up inside the vehicle. With shade netting, the area around the vehicle is cooler. You can also add shade netting to your garden for guest vehicles, to ensure their cars can also stay cool.

Rain and hailstorms are also main culprits. With our shade netting systems, your vehicles will not be exposed to hailstones the size of golf balls. The small dents caused by hail are often spread all over the vehicle’s body. Repair costs can run into the thousands. It can be so extensive that it is better to have the vehicle registration cancelled.

Tree sap, bird droppings, sticks, leaves, and debris are also factors to consider when parking your car under a tree. As beautiful as trees are, when it comes to shade consistency and neatness, they cannot compete with our shade netting systems for cars. Parking the vehicle under a tree goes hand-in-hand with dust, bird droppings, and more. However, if the car is parked under shade netting, you can rest assured that it will not gather as much dirt and debris.

The shade netting systems for cars we offer are exceptionally durable and safe. With the tiny holes in the fabric, hot air can escape, which ensures a cooler environment for the vehicle. Due to the innovative design, the netting does not gather rainwater, as is the case with normal sail tarp systems. As such, the risk of mildew growth is eliminated.

If you want to save money on car maintenance, prolong the beauty of the vehicle, and have a safe spot to park your vehicle, then it is time to invest in one of our shade netting systems for cars.

Shade Netting Systems for Cars

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