Reasons to Install UV Treated Fabric Based Car Shade Systems

Cooltone fabric-based car shade systems provide up to 95% protection against protection against UV rays.. With these car shade systems installed, the areas covered stay cooler. Vehicles parked under such fabric shade ports will therefore stay cool throughout the day. No doubt, any vehicle parked in direct sunlight daily will eventually bear evidence of this, such as paint becoming dull and the plastics and other rubber parts showing signs of fading and cracks.

Vehicles are expensive assets and it is thus understandable that one will want to protect these assets as best you can. Employees will appreciate having covered parking spaces for their vehicles, since their vehicles most probably will be standing in the same area for hours on end at least five days of the week. Likewise, the visitors at hospitals, corporate office parks, and even filling stations appreciate not having to leave their vehicles in direct sunlight.

Having to return to a hot car after shopping or a doctor’s visit is not pleasant. By installing car shade systems at the workplace, public spaces, and even at medical facilities, your company thus improves their customer care. You show that you also care about the assets of visitors and employees. Car shade systems are particularly useful at places such as airports and vehicle dealerships where the vehicles are often parked for long periods at a time. Shade becomes even more important in such instances.

The above being said, the type of shade provided is important. With corrugated roof structures, the spaces underneath can still become rather hot. Such roof structures also require regular maintenance, adding to the costs of the company. Tree shade is not ideal either. Trees shed all manner of debris, seeds, branches, and twigs that can damage vehicles’ paint. In addition, some trees have sap dripping on the vehicles. Keep in mind, trees are the home of birds, which leave their droppings on anything left or parked underneath.

When it therefore comes to the choice of car shade systems, it is best to select a fabric system with a structure designed by engineers. The fabric remains taut and aesthetically appealing for a long time. As the fabric is UV-treated, it also retains its colour for a far longer period. The roofing structure is lightweight and because it does not absorb water, you do not have to be concerned about possible sagging or collapse during heavy rains.

The fabrics we use for our car shade systems have a high level of water resistance. As such, it is possible to install the systems at restaurants to provide deck shade cover, or at school grounds, swimming pools, and event arena spaces. Even during a hail storm, the assets underneath are protected, as the tension of the fabric prevents the hailstones from causing damage to the fabric and the vehicles underneath. Our car shade systems are designed to take up less space than brick-and-mortar cover. In addition, you do not need special building plans to have such systems installed.

Make use of our professional services and extensive range of quality car shade system products to cover the areas you want to protect against the elements.

Reasons to Install UV Treated Fabric Based Car Shade Systems

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