How Car Shade Netting Helps to Protect Valuable Assets

Whether you want to protect a single vehicle or provide effective protection for an entire parking lot of vehicles, car shade netting is the answer. Staff and clients alike will appreciate the shade, protecting their vehicles from harmful UV rays and hail.

But, why car shade netting as opposed to other forms of shade provision? For one, the capital outlay is low in comparison with building walled and corrugated roof structures. You also do not need to apply for a building permit or submit plans at the building authorities.

Car shade netting requires little maintenance and, as such, you benefit from a cost-effective shade solution. Up to 95% of UV rays are blocked, minimising the risk of paint or interior trim damage to the vehicles parked underneath. If you thus want to provide neat, aesthetically appealing, and highly functional covered parking in a cost-effective way, you have the answer.

Shade port systems have become popular solutions in preference to conventional steel, aluminium, or canvas-type solutions. The systems we supply are made from UV-stabilised polyethylene, providing for high fade resistance and exceptional durability. The stabilising technology thus adds to the durability of the car shade netting, enabling us to provide guarantees of longevity against factors such as rotting, cracking, tearing, and the formation of mildew (terms and conditions apply).

Considering that the car shade nets are up to 15% cooler than the conventional corrugated steel roofs, you can understand why more and more corporations now invest in such systems as opposed to the conventional car shade structures. Indeed, with the lower temperatures experienced underneath, it is possible to set up car-wash bays under such netting, or even cover nursery playgrounds.

The fabric used does not absorb water and with excellent water run-off qualities, the risk of mildew development is considerably reduced. Also, be sure to ask us about the fire rating of car shade netting. With the special design of the netting, hot air can escape. This prevents hot-air build-up underneath the canopy. You also do not have to deal with sagging of the canopy, as the structure is designed for optimal integrity and shape-holding strength. Neatness, visual appeal, and exceptional protection are thus three words that come to mind when thinking of modern car shade netting.

You will not have to deal with issues of corrosion, as is often the case with conventional steel structures used for car covers. The shade netting provides adequate protection against hail and bird droppings. The latter may not seem like an important issue but, consider the acidity of the droppings and the subsequent damage over the long term, and you will agree that having car shade netting in place is certainly a benefit.

Vehicles parked under trees are often damaged by dripping tree sap. Paint can only withstand so much hammering before it shows signs of wear. With car shade netting installed, even underneath trees, the vehicles are adequately protected against natural elements.

Create safe and protective covered parking bays with our cost-effective car shade netting systems.

How Car Shade Netting Helps to Protect Valuable Assets
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